Plastic piping systems, worried about using them? Don’t be! We have the knowledge to advise on any system to give you comfort on the selection.
Worried about being tied to one manufacturer? Don’t be!


  • we can help you  mix and match many systems to your advantage both technically and financially
  • Warranties on Plastic piping systems – talk to us to see if what they offer is acceptable
  • If you have an existing system and are considering modification whatever the type of materials we can assist and even organise any modifications to be carried out by trained operatives
  • Plastic expansion control – we thrive on it! We can provide sensible control methods, always being aware of the cost implications
  • Do you want to price projects for tender and are concerned on the selection of both materials and fitting types? We offer a full quantity take off service and advice on “fit for application” material types, even metals!
  • For a regular monthly fee we can act as your own technical service department
  • Experienced in application of prefabrication design in plastic systems and plant room design
  • Arrange costs and drawings for prefabricated sections to be made to suit multiple manifold assemblies


If it’s piping and it’s plastic we can help.