Ceiling Heating Is Making A Comeback

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Ceiling heating! No way! We did that 50 years ago. How often do we hear that ,but think about it .The system was steel panels with flow temperatures of 70 + Deg C.  Of course itCeiling heating pipework will not be accepted it was like sitting under a kitchen grill, the taller you were the hotter you got.

Now think what we do when we use underfloor heating, we run that at 29 Deg C,” nice and warm on your feet” and a comfortable surrounding temperature.

Now, it has been proven that a ceiling heating system at temperature creates an acceptable room temperature at whatever level of the room you are in.

It is radiator heating not radiant heating which is convection plus radiation thus creating more air movement, unhealthy for sufferers, mucus membranes dry out, reduction in humidity producing natural system (nose) to be affected.

So! It has been quoted that 1 Deg C drop in temperature = 6% in energy saving with no loss of comfort.

Added benefit that the system as it stands can simply be converted by using Chilled water at 14Deg c to a cooling system in the summer.

Not Air Conditioning but comfort conditioning because nothing has happened to the air you breathe only a temperature change.

Food for thought.

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