Charles Technical Services has been established to progress the application of all plastic piping systems in the building services industry or wherever plastic piping can be utilised.

We feel that an independent company is required to produce an unbiased view on the applications of all systems on the market.

Our experience is based on working with many of the major producers over several decades.

We offer consultancy services including:

  • design of expansion control including pre stress applications
  • price and installation advice and comparisons
  • expertise on mixing with metals, as needed in plastic systems
  • applications using solvent welding, pushfit, pressfit, socket fusion, butt fusion and other jointing methods
  • take-offs for tender or purchasing
  • pressure and flow comparisons for various plastics and metals
  • advice on training procedures (but not actual training, we leave that to the manufacturers)
  • consultation on biomass boiler problems,┬ácommissioning and maintenance

Our charges reflect our long experience and expertise but are sensible and set at a level to maintain our company and also benefit the building services industry by supporting the application of a truly eco-friendly material that saves money for both the installer and the client.