A Personal View On Comfort Conditions

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I have been in the building services engineering business for 60 Years and seen many changes in how we in this great country of ours have changed in our thoughts on comfort. Our climate can become a nightmare, material changes have been a minefield of problems and now on the 21st century we have at last accepted that underfloor heating is a good principle.

Low operating temperatures can be run of both conventional boilers and heat pumps from ground or solar resources.

The next great change has been the introduction of Plastic piping systems, some love some hate them but the right material when installed correctly will give a great untroubled life period and many other benefits apart from the cut off being taken down to the scrap dealer for the Christmas bonus as copper use to give us.

Now, how about turning our ideas on their heads, we have accepted underfloor heating eventually and the low temperature application so why not ceiling heating, you can hear the crying now about uncomfortable high temperature above you etc, etc. but NO it’s the same temperature as the floor heating 29 DegC and produces a better circulation in the area.

It can be installed in existing areas as the grids are clipped to the structure and plastered in taking no more than the depth of a normal plastered finish unlike underfloor that requires insulation, screed under the floor finish.

With false ceilings it can lay on top with a nominal blanket insulation cover.
The other benefit, as the heating works on the low temperature we can change the temperature to 14 Deg c and it will cool the area without condensation. Therefore two systems in one and possible one source of energy by using a reverse cycle heat pump.

What do we gain? No radiators, low cost running, no noise, no corrosion, can be fitted in new or existing structures perfect for care homes,nurseries,apartments, offices etc. with outputs of 80 to 90 Watts per sq. Metre with a life of 50 Years plus. No chemical additives required and with careful consideration also built into walls (considering our love of knocking nails in walls).
Radiators are a mixture of Radiation and convection with hot and cold variations in the area, and movement of dust etc. and mould creation in cold spots.

This system is all radiation which gives a more comfortable and even temperatures throughout the zone.
There are various manufacturers’ equipment for this principle and European organisations have been installing over the last 15 to 20 years With the current emphasis on domestic properties surely this must be a principle to adopt and reduce both installation costs and running costs.

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