Plastic Piping – Blessing Or Curse?

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The word “plastics” is like a red rag to a bull for those amongst us who have use the wrong plastic in the wrong place and paid the price for our intended inventiveness.

Many times we have heard the words “Kermit pipe” or “ that green ***T!”

But don’t forget we used to say things like that about copper when it was brought into the Building services market in the ’60s.

So. Obtaining contracts is hard these days but there is a light on the horizon. We must look to the energy saving, recycling fast installation and cost effectiveness of a piping system which, after all, is the basis for all building service contracts.

The word “plastics” frightens us to death so let’s not use that word but change to environmentally friendly piping materials.

We accept steel as a hard working high temperature/pressure material but it corrodes (plastics do not)

It requires painting or other processes to protect it (plastics do not)

Often we see buried mains in steel corroded on the outside but protected on the inside by Inhibitors (plastics don’t)

Copper is akin to Gold these days plastics has only increased in price over the last 10 years by 20 %.

Just consider the fact that plastic piping is bespoke in other words made for purpose not made to do everything.

It will give a 50 Year life span (depending on the Material) but it is made for the conditions we design the system to operate at.


Plastic Jointing Methods

Always remember specific plastics are made for a purpose, generally temperature and pressure related. Each plastic has its own jointing technique.

In summary:

  • Solvent jointing
  • Push fit
  • Press fit
  • Slide fit
  • Socket fusion
  • Butt fusion
  • Plus the usual mechanical joints as threaded and flanged


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We are sure you will be pleased with the results and the financial advantage you can gain in these very competitive times.